Instahome Closes Record Rental Transaction Time of 9 Hours, As featured in the Press

Leading digital home rental platform Instahome closes record breaking transaction time of 9 hours. Using virtual tours of units instead of physical viewing of properties, tenants shift behaviour to fully digital end-to-end rental experiences. Here we show this story as seen around the web.


Instahome: Is Digital Home Renting The Future?

"Instahome is currently focused on the Klang Valley home rental market. But if all pans out, it could revolutionise the way we rent homes in Malaysia, as just Grab revolutionised transportation and food delivery here. Of course, it might sound too good to be true, so we decided to interview Eric Tan, Instahome’s CEO, to learn more."



"It's no different than going to the door to the door in person"

Goody 25

"大马领先一站式线上租房平台,Instahome 也在新常态下利用科技带给租户,房地产中介和房东最安全及简便的租房体验, 进而创下了在 9小时完成 100% 线上租房交易的新记录。租户们不再需要亲身看房,只需使用 VR 看房技术即可完成线上一站式租房体验。"

VR 看房是新一代的趋势? 一站式线上租房平台 Instahome VR 看房技术创新纪录,9小时内完成100% 线上租房!

OH! Media

Sewa Rumah Settle Dalam 9 Jam Je Dengan Instahome

"Platform sewaan rumah digital terkemuka, Instahome telah memecah rekod dengan menutup transaksi sewaan dalam masa 9 jam.

Melalui penggunaan lawatan maya 3D dan bukannya melihat rumah secara fizikal, penyewa telah berubah tingkah laku kepada pengalaman sewaan secara digital berbentuk hujung-ke-hujung (E2E) sepenuhnya."

Amazing Nara

Sewa Rumah Hanya Ambil Masa 9 Jam, Instahome Pecah Rekod

"Kini, Instahome memperoleh lebih daripada 1,600 senarai rumah di Lembah Klang"

Goody Malaysia

MCO accelerates digital adoption with home rental platform Instahome closing record-breaking 9 hour rental transaction as users take virtual tours over physical viewings

"With the recent MCO announcement, it has become essential for tenants to have alternative safe means to rent. An Instahome tenant who completed her whole transaction fully online without physical viewing, Navina Kurup shares her experience, "I would not hesitate to recommend Instahome to anyone."

Next up: No More Fake Listings! How Instahome Verifies Properties