Tenant Eviction: Kicking out Problematic Tenant

Eviction is a long and tedious process where both landlord and tenant are on the receiving end. So before you proceed with this course of action, it’s imperative that you know the process - and the alternatives to it.

Tenancy agreement: Early Termination and Extension / Renewal

When renting a home, some things would unpredictably change - including whether you have to end your stay early or extend it. But how? Continue reading to understand how early termination and renewal of a tenancy works.

High-rise Rental Properties in Malaysia

Proper research on the types of rental properties allows tenants to understand its individual characteristics, and ultimately, know which one is for them. Read more to understand the differences between these properties.

Get Rid of Home Pests: Identify Common Household Pests and Ways to Remove Them

No matter how much extra room you've got, there's no need to put up with unwanted guests. Here are the common household pests that may be lurking in your home now and how to get rid of them for good.

Furnished, Partially Furnished and Unfurnished Homes: What are They and How to Find Them

When renting a home, you must first choose between furnished, partly furnised and unfurnished. These living arrangements are meant for different types of tenants. Before deciding which one is for you, let's take a look at what constitutes these rental options.

Pet Owner’s Guide: Renting with Pets and 5 Pet-Friendly Homes

What is the ruling on renting with pets? Is it legal? Let's examine the rules for pet-friendly home rentals and look at some of the options in Klang Valley for pet owners.

Tips to Negotiate Rent

Landlords are eager to fill their properties and many are willing to strike a deal, such as through a rent negotiation. With a little strategy, you might win over the landlord. Here are some ways you can go about negotiating your rent price.

Landlord 101: What are the Costs Involved? (Part II)

Owning and renting out homes may look simple at first, but the tax calculations involved get increasingly complicated as you go further into the specifics. Find out what those taxes are and how to calculate them.

8 Renter-friendly DIY Ideas for Home Rental

Transform your house into a home without putting your security deposit at risk with these creative DIY tricks!

Landlord 101: What are the costs involved? (Part I)

Being a landlord comes with its fair share of expenses, from maintenance to renovation. Thus, it’s important to have a comprehensive understanding of the costs associated to being a landlord so you can manage your finances appropriately.

Rent Near Public Transportation: Petaling Jaya

Life would be easier, cheaper and better for the environment if you live close to one of the city's many transportation hubs. As an investment and as a way of life, this convenience is often advantageous.

Rent Near Public Transportation: KL City

Public transportation accessibility is a lifeline for those pursuing job and education opportunities in the capital city of Malaysia. Thus, it's important to live nearby so as to avoid road congestion and reduce the living cost.

Rent Near Public Transportation: Bangsar South

Living near public transportation networks lays the groundwork for communities to become more livable and profitable in many ways, from enhanced community health to lower living costs.

Rent out Your Home: Your Step-by-step Guide

The demand for rental housing starts to increase as travel restrictions are gradually lifted. Consider turning your extra inhabited properties or rooms into an asset. But first, you must understand the whole process.

Malaysia’s Interstate and International Travel Guide

With the recent relaxation of Malaysia's travel restrictions, people can once again travel to different states and even countries. Here is the travel guide for both Malaysians and non-Malaysians entering the country.

Landlord 101: What are Your Responsibilities?

What is one of the most important steps in becoming a landlord? Know your responsibilities. This includes the important steps involved in protecting your tenant and yourself.

The 3 Pros and Cons of Living Near Public Transportation

If you're looking for a new place to call home, consider living near public transportation. But before making any decision, compare the pros and cons to see if this option is for you!

Landlords May Face Jail Time For Tenant’s Illegal Activities

Landlords, be aware of suspicious activities in your property! In this article, we are discussing how your tenant’s illegal activities can affect you, as well as the important steps for you, as a landlord, to take in order to protect yourself.

Rental options for Students in Bukit Jalil: Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) and International Medical University (IMU)

Due to its diversity, choosing where to live in Bukit Jalil should not present a challenge especially if you’re a student looking to find more affordable homes while located closer to your campus, enabling you to save money and time on commuting over a long distance. Discover your options now!

Rental options for Students in Subang Jaya: Sunway University, Monash, Taylor’s and INTI International University

Hostel fees can stretch the average student budget. But that’s not something you should worry about as there are plenty of places in the Subang Jaya area for students there to stay. These five locations provide great value for students who wish to save money while living close to campus.

Rental options for Students in Cyberjaya: Multimedia University (MMU), Heriot-Watt University and LimKokWing University

With various available accommodations strewn around Cyberjaya, you can easily find affordable homes and save more money for your education. Let’s take a look at some of the options for students studying in the city hailed as the 'Silicon Valley of Malaysia'.

Dealing with Tenants Not Paying: Can Landlords Cut Off Electricity?

It's such a difficult situation to be in for landlords who are being chased by utility suppliers for their tenant's outstanding payments. Therefore, some landlords will take matters into their own hands, without realizing if it's even legal to begin with. Read more on some approaches you can take without putting yourself on the line.

Landlord 101: 5 Questions First-Time Landlords Should Ask

The road to becoming a landlord may be as daunting as it is compelling.  But, if you do your research well before diving in and have all these five questions answered, you have the best chance at making your rental property a successful venture and generating long-term gains.

Are You Really Home Alone? Find Out if There are Hidden Cameras

You can never be too safe with an unfamiliar environment. Just because you can't see anyone, doesn't mean you're alone. Hidden cameras have been found in the most unexpected places, behind the most common items. Here are some ways to find out if there are cameras secretly installed in your home or room, and how to locate it.

Why Your Rental Applications May Get Turned Down

Some renters have applied to rent homes and are excited to move in, only to find out their application is rejected. Before taking any action to increase the chances of being accepted, first, you need to understand several reasons why rental requests can be denied.

Wear and Tear vs Damage Disputes

What are the disputes over Wear and Tear and Damage? How do you differentiate between these two, and how does a landlord avoid these disputes before renting a home out? Let's go through some measures you can take as a landlord to protect your assets and income!

Why Agents Choose Instahome: Save Time and More Sales

Count on us Instahome to find you the perfect tenants, save your time and help you close more sales at a faster rate!

Renting Homes Online: The New Way to Rent

Feeling like the world is working against your dream of finding a home? Nothing is impossible now with the New Way to Rent, where you can view and rent homes online.

Should Millennials Consider Renting over Buying? 

Are you debating whether buying or renting is better?  Let's weigh on the pros & cons together.

How to View & Book Homes Online (and get RM500 off your rent!)

Want to know how you can view & book homes online and get RM500 off your rental? Here's how.

MCO 3.0 Interstate Travel

A complete guide on Interstate travelling during Malaysia's MCO 3.0

Rental Horror Series: "April Short Story Collection"

Have you met any of these rental monsters before? Based on true stories submitted by our users.

Instahome's Price Match Guarantee makes sure you always rent at the lowest price

Rent at the lowest price. Looking for a unit but worrying if the price is cheaper on a different platform? Don't worry, we got your back. We list our units at the LOWEST PRICE. If you see the exact same home that is on, listed on a different platform for the exact same price by the landlord or another agent, tell us and we will match the lowest price. Best prices everyday, trust in Instahome's prices.

Rental Horror Series: "Fooled by Mr 019 - my worst rental experience!"

Everyone hates to be fooled, but Andrew unknowingly got fooled by his Landlord, Mr 019 and found himself alone, unsafe and no way to leave...

The Green Renter: An Eco-Friendly Movement Has Made its way In the Rental Industry

Green with envy at the title? We definitely are. Sustainable living is the craze for sure.

Top 3 Budgeting Tips for Renters in 2021

Renting can be an overwhelming experience if not planned for and managed properly. But if you know how to budget and keep track of your finances, the sense of accomplishment and freedom is worth the effort.

Staying With Roommates During COVID-19? These Tips Might Help

So how can you stay healthy and safe while also navigating roommate relationships in 2021 with Covid 19 ? We provide 5 tips every co-living home can use to get through the rest of the pandemic.

Retro Cool: Modern Ways to Update and Appreciate Old School Design

Classics revived! - Old school is back to reclaim the cool! Bring some old fashioned charm with an updated twist back to your home in 2021!

Instahome Closes Record Rental Transaction Time of 9 Hours, As featured in the Press

Leading digital home rental platform Instahome closes record breaking transaction time of 9 hours. Using virtual tours of units instead of physical viewing of properties, tenants shift behaviour to fully digital end-to-end rental experiences.

No More Fake Listings! How Instahome Verifies Properties

Moving into a new place is always exciting! Starting a brand new chapter of your life, new house, new me, a new beginning. Yet, your expectations all crash down the second you open the door when you see this… 

What is CTOS?

Do you know your credit score? Did you know that low credit score affects your renting process?

Why does Instahome ask for your personal documents?

Wonder why we request for bank statments or employment letter from you? Is it really necessary?

What is Rental Default Guarantee (RDG)?

Are you a landlord? Are you concerned about your tenants defaulting their monthly rental payment? Instahome provides Rental Default Guarantee to protect YOU from default and late payments!

What is Rental-On-Time Guarantee?

Hey landlords! Do you find yourself constantly checking if your tenants pay you on time every month? Want a hassle-free solution and take it off your mind?

Rental On-Time Guarantee vs Rental Default Guarantee?

Confused between Rental On-Time Guarantee versus Rental Default Guarantee? Don't worry, we got you covered in this post!

Why Taking Virtual Tours Can Save You Time And Money

Imagine renting your next home completely online without leaving your chair. Instahome gives you all the tools and information you need so that can happen. Here we discuss one of those tools, virtual tours.

Furnished or Partially Furnished? How to Make the Call When Renting a Home

One of the top questions we are most often asked as a tenant is whether it is a good idea to rent a fully furnished or partially furnished unit. Which should you choose? Read more to find out!

Refer a Friend to Instahome and Get RM188

Get RM188 when your friend successfully rents a home from Instahome! Have a friend who is looking for a place to rent? Simply send his name and contact number through Instahome’s FB/IG inbox, and we will do the rest!

Tips To Find A Family-Friendly Rental Home

What type of property would be right for your family? How do you select the best location? Should you choose a place close to your workplace or your children’s school? Read more to find out!

Black Friday Voucher Offer!

From now up until midnight 27th November 2020, any tenant that signs up on Instahome can redeem RM300 in cash when they rent a home on our platform!

Instahome Launch, as featured in the Press

Instahome launched on 28th of October 2020, and was featured in the press. Click on the post to find out more!

Everything you need to know before you sign a tenancy agreement

Tenancy agreement? Stamp duty? Termination? What do these terms really mean? Click on the blog post to learn more.