Imagine renting your next home completely online, without even leaving your chair. That’s what Instahome is all about. It gives you all of the tools and information you need to rent. Here we discuss one of those tools, virtual tours.

VIrtual tours have been around a while. It’s often used in new property builds that offers a way for investors to view units. At first it was seen as a fad. A way to attract crowds. Well, it actually works too.

Buyers walk around the house as if they were really there. They can examine units in detail. Volcano-marbled kitchen surfaces. Bold coloured walls. Majestic balcony views. With each virtual step, buyers go around homes assessing its livability. Now, virtual tours have entered the rental sector...

Virtual Home Rental Tours

Instahome is the first platform to provide a fully digital rental experience. From search to sign. Renters usually begin knowing where they want to live, the area, and probably the building too. Simply click search, review the map and select a unit. But how do you know it's the right place for you?

If you’re happy with the area, building and the price, then it's down to the unit. Is it a place you see yourself happy in? Is the kitchen big enough? Does it have a work space? Can I sit out on the balcony? Could I do yoga in the living room?

These questions are what we call deal breakers. What your unit must have for you to rent. This is where virtual tours really shine.

What you see is what you get. Our team of professional videographers visit and check every unit we list on Instahome. We make sure that we cover every aspect of the unit. All you need to do is walk through the home. Zoom in on features that are important. Most of all, look for the deal breakers.

This has been a revolution in our industry. Did you know that the average renter visits 10 different units before making a decision? What if they only visited 3? How much time, effort and cost would that save?

What if I told you that 30% of tenants on Instahome book without even viewing the property? From search to sign we have broken records with the fastest transaction taking place in under 9 hours.

Don’t waste your time visiting unit after unit. Take our virtual tours and get the best unit for you. If you need any additional information to make your decision, just write in and ask. Our expert Insta team is happy to help you.

Don’t believe us? Let’s see what they have to say.

Now it's your turn. See it for yourself!