When Instahome went live in Nov 2020, we saw our partnered agents growing by 30% every week, quickly hitting triple digits by the end of 2020. Despite seeing huge adoptions from agents, some agents preferred the traditional ways of doing physical viewings as Covid-19 seemed under control.

Then Malaysia’s second wave of Covid-19 hit in early 2021. The government announced MCO2.0 which impacted the rental industry, as no physical viewings were allowed to curb the spread of covid. Agents flocked to Instahome to conduct virtual tour viewings, and we saw our partner agents double in just a few weeks.

As of the time of writing, our number of partner agents in Klang Valley has exceeded 450, with many being amazed by the high closing rates of listings advertised by Instahome, as well as services provided to agents.

We talked to some of the agents who have worked with us and trusted us with finding them tenants. Their experiences are as shared below.

What are agents saying?

Stephanie, Real Estate Agent

One of them is Stephanie, who chose Instahome as it reduces the amount of time it normally takes to find and sign a tenant. She found it very convenient to be able to conduct the process entirely online, from listing to viewing. Instead of the regular 3-4 viewings a day, now the entire process can be skipped owing to the virtual tours by Instahome and its flexibility. With our 360 virtual tours, agents can easily separate the serious tenants from the non-serious ones as they are able to take tours of a home without having to interact with the agents first.


Yes, you heard it. Stephanie doesn’t shy away from saying the truth - it gets her more sales! Figuratively speaking, time is money but when you save more of it, the phrase becomes literal - when you think about it.

Diivek, REN from Landbanc

Our next agent is Diivek. As a former tenant and landlord, Diivek is blessed with the insights and perspectives of all parties. An agent who had been in the shoes of all three, one would think he’s got it all figured out. But even for someone as experienced as him, Diivek still faced some challenges in the industry. He would often receive complaints especially from foreign students whose rented homes did not live up to their expectations. In this case, the students are forced to stay due to the non-refundable policy practiced by landlords, tarnishing his image as the agent involved. However, as a platform that aims to centralize home rental processes, we have what we call a refund guarantee where tenants are promised that they will get what they see in our high-quality virtual tours.


Not going to lie, we are puffed up with pride hearing what Diivek has to say about our team! Also, as mentioned by Diivek, Instahome is a holistic solutions in the home rental business where agents can list, market and rent out their properties faster.

Ethan, REN

The efficiency of our operations is seconded by Ethan, another one of Instahome’s preferred agents who believes that Instahome provides him with the help and support that he needs in the real estate industry. Through Instahome, Ethan found himself hitting a sweet spot as a real estate agent where he could provide landlords with quality tenants and vice versa, thus earning his client's trust and bridging the gap between the two parties and him. Moreover, the listings at Instahome are managed on a first-come, first-served basis to avoid duplication of the same unit. Ethan found this to be convenient as he gets the opportunity to monopolize a listing if he’s the first one there. On top of that, with everything digitalized including the signing of documents, agents can also save time by not having to travel in person.


It comes as no surprise that Ethan manages to seal deals fast. Having Instahome in every step of the way, he gets to focus on closing sales without being held back by time constraints and lack of manpower. Because we are here for you from the start to the end!

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Instahome ensures the best experience for our agents by working efficiently, all while providing the necessary tools and support that can benefit and connect them with their potential tenants. The levels of satisfaction expressed by our agents speak volumes about our commitment, and we look forward to proving it to other agents out there. With a team of professionals handling the process, our agents can save their time on finding suitable tenants while spending more time on closing more deals!

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