✅ Refund Guarantee

Checked and Guaranteed

We check all our properties so that what you see is what you get. If it is not what you get, ask us for a full refund.

How it works?

W‍hen you move in, our Instabuddy will attend the key handover session with you to conduct an inspection

During the inspection session, you can inform us if the property does not match the virtual tours, videos and photos. You have 3 options:

Request for a full refund from us, and get it within 3 working days
Request for us to find you a new home, we will get you a stay in our panel hotel up to 3 nights if needed.

What qualifies for a refund?

Tenant can get a refund if it is discovered at the key handover session, that the property is essentially different from the virtual tour, video and images. Conditions: property is in a different building, different unit as what was advertised, does not display the same number of bedroom, bathroom or car park as advertised, different essential furniture required to live in the unit such as bed, sofa, availability of air conditioner and fan. The refund excludes minor aesthetic differences and issues with the working condition of the appliances.

What if the appliances are not working?

If there are issues with the working condition of the appliances, tenants are protected by the Tenancy Agreement instead which requires the Landlord to fix problems with appliances that were discovered within 7 days of move in. If the appliance involves an air conditioner or fan, Instahome will provide a temporary air conditioner unit or fan unit to the tenant.

** The Refund Guarantee does not apply to scenarios where in the event the Tenant rejects the booking after making the said Booking, the Booking Fee will be forfeited as pre-agreed liquidated damages. In the event the Landlord rejects the booking, the said Booking Fee will be refunded free of interest to the tenant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does “view and book online” mean?

With COVID restrictions in place, we want you to be safe, so we made it possible for you to view and book homes online safely!

  • Safe online viewing: Once you find something they like, schedule a online viewing with us. We will conduct a guided virtual tour with you or a live call.
  • Safe online booking: We will support you with the renting process, no paperwork involved as signing and paying is done online! Even stamping of the tenancy agreement! 
‍Is the property really the same as the virtual tours, videos and photos?

Yes, it is! Instahome’s team has our own photographers to shoot the virtual tours, videos and photos. We don’t rely on third parties to give us photographs. That is how we control the quality of the properties on our platform. 

We do all the hard work of checking the properties just for you so that you can rent in peace, what you see is what you get.

Are the virtual tours, videos and photos recently taken?

All our photos are constantly shot and updated! We check on the photos every week to make sure that what you see is what you get.