Instahome officially launched in October 2020 and has received an overwhelming response. Here are our features as seen around the web.

Tech In Asia

"Instahome was founded in September this year to make the process of renting a home easier, with features such as 3D virtual tours, home visit scheduling, and online maintenance service requests. The company also personally visits and checks all of the properties listed on its website to ensure their legitimacy and to cut down on duplicate listings from different agents."

Digital News Asia

"Catcha Group is back in property game with home rental service Instahome. 7-figure US$ funding from Catcha Group, cofounder Eric Tan & some early employees. Instahome checks all listed homes to eliminate fake, inaccurate, poor-quality listings."

Oh Media

"Catcha Group mengumumkan penyertaan Instahome ke dalam keluarga besar mereka. Instahome adalah cara baru untuk menyewa rumah di Malaysia dengan tujuan mengubah pengalaman penyewaan rumah di rantau ini."

Deal Street Asia

"In a recent survey of 200 renters in Klang Valley, conducted by Instahome, 60 per cent said the quality of listings on existing property websites is their biggest frustration."


"Catcha Group 投资新初创企业Instahome【租房新方案】,一站式线上租房平台让你告别繁琐的租房过程!"

Marketing Interactive

"Instahome looks to leverage the use of design and technology to help renters dramatically improve home rental experience for tenants, agents and landlords"


"iProperty co-founder launches home rental platform Instahome in Malaysia with a "7-figure USD" funding from Catcha"


"iProperty 联合创始人 Patrick Grove 推出马来西亚智能租房平台 Instahome。据 e27 报道,iProperty 和 Catcha 集团的联合创始人 Patrick Grove 联手连续创业者 Eric Tan 在马来西亚共同推出了一款智能租房平台 Instahome,初创资金由创始人与初创团队共同筹集完成。该平台为租户提供了 3D 实景看房、支付租金、寻找维修服务等现代化租赁功能,极大提升了租房的用户体验"

Online Marketplaces

"There’s a new rental platform for the Malaysian market that was started by the CEO and Co-Founder and a former Chief of Staff of Catcha Group. Instahome was created to answer the problems surrounding the frustrating and outdated rental process in the Malaysian market."

Dagang News

"Berita baik buat semua penyewa rumah kerana proses pencarian rumah sewa anda bakal dipercepatkan dengan Instahome!"